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corporate View Demo

Corporate Full demo with multiple pages designed to fit any business

shop View Demo

Shop Elegant shop design with the woocommerce plugin

hotel View Demo

Hotel Elegant design perfect to make your hotel stand out

landing View Demo

Charity One page style fundraising demo with amazing design

Wedding View Demo

Wedding Plan your special day with the wedding version of Lambda.

digital agency View Demo

Digital Agency Amazing design for creative agencies, freelancers or illustrators

education View Demo

Education Designed to inspire students all over the world. Back to school kids!

barber-shop View Demo

Barber Shop A template full of art and pleasure.

architecture View Demo

Architecture A professional architecture & building design.

single-product View Demo

Single productAn ideal demo for a single product website.

Gadget Shop View Demo

Gadget Shop Amazing and elegant design for your Gadget or Tech Store

Curriculum Vitae View Demo

Curriculum Vitae Minimal design for showcasing your skills

Curriculum Vitae View Demo

Fashion Magazine Modern design for stylish fashion bloggers

Organic Shop View Demo

Organic Shop Designed for selling organic & beauty related products.

Martial arts View Demo

Martial ArtsPerfect match for Martial Arts academies and training centers.

Product Launch View Demo

Product LaunchDesigned to help you launch your amazing product

Product Launch View Demo

PizzaIdeal solution for your pizzeria or restaurant

Extreme Sports View Demo

Extreme SportsSuitable for Bike, Hiking, and any kind of Sports sites.

Aquarium View Demo

Aquariumvibrant design perfect for an Aquarium.

App Landing View Demo

App landingmodern and minimal landing page.

Doctor View Demo

Doctor designed for private doctor, hospital websites, or small clinics.

Modern Landing View Demo

Modern Landing A fantastic app to land on

Modern Restaurant View Demo

Modern Restaurant Mouthwatering restaurant site

Travel Blog View Demo

Travel Blog Share your experiences

creative View Demo

Creative Amazing & bold design perfect for a creative agency

hotel View Demo

Magazine Clear and Awesome design perfect for a Magazine or Newspaper

landing View Demo

Blog Amazing typography with focus on great readability

coming soon View Demo

Coming Soon Coming soon/under construction for creative agencies.

photography View Demo

Photography The perfect way to showcase your photography gallery

construction View Demo

Construction A demo designed specifically for construction & building companies.

travel agency View Demo

Travel Agency A design made for adventure seekers and world citizens.

political View Demo

Political Ready to skyrocket your successful campaign.

Dancing School View Demo

Dancing School Awesome design perfect for any Dancing School.

Recipies View Demo

RecipesAwesome design perfect for food websites.

Photo Studio View Demo

Photo StudioMinimal design perfect for portfolio or studio.

Startup Company View Demo

StartupGive your start up a competitive technological edge with Lambda Startup.

Brewery View Demo

BreweryAn ideal demo for brewery websites.

Music Band View Demo

Music BandAwesome design perfect for music bands, professional deejays, singers and for any artist.

Handyman View Demo

HandymanAwesome design perfect for any kind handyman

Handyman View Demo

SpaRelax and take a break at our luxurious spa.

Senior Care View Demo

Senior Care designed specifically for retirement homes and elderly care services

Web Awards View Demo

Awards one page design perfect for a web award website

Business rtl View Demo

Business RTL one page RTL business demo

Business rtl View Demo

Gaming Blog dark & superb design perfect for a gaming blog.

Tourist Destination View Demo

Tourist Destination designed to promote a tourist destination with elegant design.

Tourist Destination View Demo

SaaS Software as a Service Landing page.

Documentation View Demo

Documentation A roadmap for your users

personal Suggest One

Suggest an Idea have a demo you would like to see? Let us know

restaurant View Demo

Restaurant Amazing design perfect for Restaurants, bakeries or bars

personal View Demo

Personal One page design with side navigation and bold design

landing View Demo

Landing One page style landing page with a amazing design

yoga View Demo

Yoga Relaxing and amazing design perfect for a gym or a yoga studio

medical View Demo

Medical Clean & elegant design for a medical company.

pet View Demo

Pet Care An elegant, minimal design aimed at pet services industries.

law-company View Demo

Law Company A wonderful template at the service of the law.

law-company View Demo

Winery An ideal demo for winery websites.

gym View Demo

GymDesigned for gym or fitness center.

Church View Demo

Churchdesigned for churches and religious movements.

Web Hosting View Demo

HostingA modern hosting template that stands out from the crowd.

Performing Art View Demo

Performing Art Perfect match for theatres or music scenes

Tattoo Salon View Demo

Tattoo Salon Perfect match for your tattoo, piercing and body art studios.

Logistics View Demo

Logistics Ideal solution for logistic & transportation companies.

Cafe View Demo

Coffee Shop designed for a coffee shop, bar or restaurant.

Gardening View Demo

Gardening elegant one-page design for gardening services.

consultant View Demo

consultant professional design for a consultancy agency or business.

horse riding View Demo

Horse Riding perfect fοr horse riding associations, clubs & schools

Hipster Shop View Demo

Hipster e-Shop minimal design commerce fashion shop

Taxi Company View Demo

Taxi built for the taxi and private hire industry

Elearning View Demo

E-learning modern design perfect for e-learning and online courses

Hotel View Demo

Hotel Spa The only risk is wanting to stay more

food-blog View Demo

Food Blog A site for burger lovers

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